Greenhouse Onboarding: Esignature Forms and Packets

You can collect esignature forms from employees and new hires in Greenhouse Onboarding. 

To learn how to assign esignature forms during onboarding read the article on Onboarding Employees

To learn how to assign an esignature form outside of the onboarding flow, read the article on the Task View of the Profile.

If you would like an esignature form (a document that needs more than a date and signature filled in) added to your account, please send it to your Customer Success rep with details on which fields should be filled in by the employee. 

You can manage your Esignature Forms under Settings > eSig Docs. 


Esignature Forms 

  • Add If you Add an Esignature Document under  Admin > Settings, an additional page will be added to the document that will display the employee's name, and will require a signature and date from the employee. 

If you need additional fields mapped so the employee can fill them in, please send the form to your Customer Success rep. 

  • Rename You can rename a document by selecting Rename and typing over the existing name. Once you click off the name, the changes will save. If no Public Name has been added, the document will use whatever name is entered in this field. 
  • Public Name You can add a Public name to a form, if you need a document to be named one thing for internal purposes, but want the employee to see a different name. If you select Add Public Name, you can add a name that the employee will see. As an Admin you will always see the Internal name in the app. 



Esignature Packets

If you have multiple esignature forms you need assigned to employees, you can create an esignature packet. This will allow you to assign multiple documents to a user at once. 

You can create a packet for each office location, each employment type, etc. 

  • Add Esignature Packet To add a new esignature packet: 
    • Select Add Esignature Packet
    • Type in a name for the ESignature Packet. This name will only be visible to Greenhouse Onboarding Admins and Super Admins. 
    • Check the documents you'd like to make available in the packet. Documents can belong to multiple packets. 
    • Select Add ESignature Packet


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