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BambooHR is an HRIS software for small and medium size businesses.  

Greenhouse Onboarding will sync with Bamboo to bring over employee data, so that you don't have to manually enter or manage two copies of an employee's record across platforms


In BambooHR

  1. To set up the BambooHR integration, log into your BambooHR account as an Administrator.
  2. Click on your picture icon and select API Keys.
  3. Select Add a New Key, and an API Key will be generated.
  4. Copy the API Key

In Greenhouse Onboarding

  1. Log into Greenhouse Onboarding as an Administrator
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations
  3. Under BambooHR select Add
  4. Paste in the API Key you copied in BambooHR
  5. Enter your BambooHR subdomain (this will be the URL that is unique to your BambooHR site)
  6. Select Add
  7. Select Sync, this will bring over all employee information from Bamboo into Greenhouse Onboarding.
    1. Please note: If an employee already exists their record in Greenhouse Onboarding will be updated. If the employee does not exist, a new employee record will be created in Greenhouse Onboarding.  

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