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Activity Streams will show up on an employee's profile and on Team pages and are populated by employee's public posts on Github, Twitter, and Facebook. Employees also have the option to link to their Pinterest and Instagram profiles.  


Activity Stream - Profile

On their profile, an employee can provide the username for their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Github accounts by editing their Activity Feed. These fields are optional. 

If an employee enters their usernames and saves, the Social Stream on their profile will be populated by posts they make on any of the 4 accounts they have added to their profile. 

There is no authentication process when adding social networks to a profile, so Greenhouse Onboarding will only pull in public posts. The easy way to think of a public post is if you go to a social network and are not logged in, and can still see what the person has posted, then you know it's public. 

Facebook - Greenhouse Onboarding will display any posts made on Facebook that are shared Public - Anyone on or off Facebook

Twittter - Greenhouse Onboarding will display Tweets from accounts that do not have Protect my Tweets enabled in their profile settings on Twitter. 

Pinterest - You can put in your Pinterest username, and Greenhouse Onboarding will link out to the Pinterest profile. No content is currently pulled in from Pinterest to Greenhouse Onboarding. 

Github - Greenhouse Onboarding will display any commits made to a Public repository. 

LinkedIn - Greenhouse Onboarding will display any posts shared with Public or Public and Twitter. 

Pinterest - Greenhouse Onboarding will not pull in any posts from Pinterest, but will link to the user's profile on Pinterest's site. 

Instagram - Greenhouse Onboarding will not pull in any posts from Instagram, but will link to the user's profile on Instagram's site. 

If the post on the network does not meet the above criteria,Greenhouse Onboarding will not display it.


Activity Stream - Teams

On a Team page, the Social Stream will be populated with public posts made by Team members on any social network they have added to their Greenhouse Onboarding profile. 

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