Greenhouse Onboarding: Slack

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Slack is a platform for team communication.

Greenhouse Onboarding can push company anniversaries, birthdays, Posts and Props notifications into Slack.


In Slack

  1. To set up the Slack integration login to Slack as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Incoming WebHooks page found here
  3. Select the Channel where you would like Greenhouse Onboarding content pushed
  4. Select Add Incoming WebHooks Integration
  5. Copy the Webhook URL that is shown the next page


In Greenhouse Onboarding

  1. Login to Greenhouse Onboarding as an Administrator
  2. Go to Admin > Settings > Integrations
  3. Under Available Integrations, select Add for Slack
  4. Paste in the Webhook URL you copied from Slack
  5. Enter the channel where message should post (be sure to add the "#" before the channel name)
  6. Click the Add button




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