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Greenhouse Onboarding: Tasks View

As an Admin and above you will be able to access the Tasks View of an employee's Profile by selecting the Tasks tab on an employee's profile. From the Tasks tab, you can view, edit, and complete any tasks assigned to get the New Hire onboarded, as well as assign new tasks. 


To access the Tasks tab of a Profile log in as an Admin or above, and navigate to an employee's profile. Selcts Tasks under the employee's name. 


You will land on Tasks View. 

Task List

Under Task List you can see any Tasks that have been assigned to get the employee onboarded. By default Include completed tasks and Include tasks not yet assigned will be checked. 

Include completed tasks - if selected, all completed Tasks will be displayed. 

Include tasks not yet assigned -  if selected, Tasks that have a future assign date will appear on the list. 

Create a New Task

If you want to create a new task for the New Hire's onboarding plan, you can select Create a New Task. 

The task creation modal will appear, where you can fill in the content and assign to the appropriate person.



Add an Existing Task

If you want to add a Task that is already part of an Onboarding Plan, you can select Add Existing Task. 

  • When selected, a modal will pop up that will allow you to search and filter already created Tasks.
  • Select the Tasks you'd like to add and then select Review Tasks.
  • If you are done adding Tasks, select Add Tasks. 
  • The Tasks will now appear on the Task list and will be assigned based on their assign date!