Greenhouse Onboarding: Tasks View

As an Admin and above you will be able to access the Tasks View of an employee's Profile by selecting the Task View button on an employee's profile. From the Tasks View you can edit the employee's information and view any esignature documents or templates that have been assigned to the employee. 

Employees can access the Task view by going to

To access the Task View of a Profile log in as an Admin or above, and navigate to an employee's profile. In the right hand corner of the profile select Tasks View. 

You will land on Tasks View. 

Task List

Under Task List you can see any Templates that have been assigned to the employee. If the employee is going through an onboarding or offboarding, you can view how many tasks have been completed in the workflow.

You can also assign additional Templates, Lists, or Tasks to the employee. This is useful if you have started onboarding an employee and then need to add additional items to their onboarding workflow. 

To assign an additional Template select Assign Template and select an existing Template from the dropdown list. Learn how to create Templates here

To assign an additional list from any Template, select Assign List and select a List from the dropdown. If you would like to create a new List on the profile select New List and build the List. Learn more about building lists here

To change the due date for a List, select the due date and choose a date from the date selector. 

Please note: On an employee's profile, you can not change the assignee of the list, but you can change assignments for individual tasks. 



You can collect and store e-signatures in Greenhouse Onboarding for important employee documentation like tax forms, agreements, and waivers. 

Once a document has been signed, the admin who assigned the document will receive an email notification. 

To access and download a signed e-signature document:

  1. Log in as an Admin or Super Admin
  2. Navigate to the employee's profile
  3. Select Task View on the employee's profile
  4. Under Documents, select the form you would like to download
  5. Select download 

You can also assign additional signature requests to an employee by selecting Assign Signature Request. 

If you need to store a document on the employee's profile, but don't need a signature from them, you can upload a document directly to the employee's profile. The employee will not be notified that the document has been added. 

Employee Record

All Fields on the employee's profile will appear within the Employee Record box. You can edit an employee's record by selecting Edit. Once you have updated the Fields, select Save. Learn how to add additional Fields here. 


You can add the employee to additional Teams and remove them from Teams under the Teams option. 

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