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Greenhouse Onboarding: Creating Teams

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Teams are used to organize employees by department, interest, or location. Employees can belong to multiple teams.


Creating Teams

As an Admin or higher you can create or edit teams by going to Admin > Settings > Company Info > Teams. 



On the Teams page you’ll see a list of Teams that already exist within your organization. To add a new team select Add Team. 



Type in the name of your Team. Ex: If you’re making a Location based team for your San Francisco employees, name the team San Francisco.


Team Category:

  • Department: Used to identify different departments within your company. Examples include: Engineering; Marketing; People Operations
  • Location: Used to identify employees in different locations, especially helpful if you have multiple offices. Examples include: City Name, Country Name, Office name
  • Social Clubs: Used to identify different intrests or social organizations of your employees. Examples include: Book Club; Toastmasters; Burger Friday Crew
  • Teams: Used to identify different sub-departments within an organization. Examples could include: Front End Engineering; Scrum Team Names; or if your Engineering deparmnent, for example, is split across multiple offices, you could use Teams to identify the different Teams within the Engineering Department.
  • Uncategorized: If the Team you are creating does not fit one of the above categories, you can leave it as Uncategorized.
  • New Category: You can create your own category by selecting New Category. You will be then be able to apply this category to other teams. 

Team Lead: This person will be identified in Greenhouse Onboarding as the team lead. Please note: The Team Lead does not necessarily have to be the manager of the Team members.

Description: This is a brief summary to describe the Team.

Address: If your Team has a category of Location, you will see the option to enter an address. The address will be displayed to the new hire during the New Hire flow, and will allow us to link the location to Google Maps. 


Once finished entering content, select Add Field. The Team will now be added to your list of Teams.

Next Steps: Now it's time to Add Employees to Teams! Also review how to view Team Pages