Greenhouse Onboarding: Home Page

The Home page will be the hub of information for your company. It will feature rotating content promoting interaction and participation within your company and within Greenhouse Onboarding. 

To access the Home page from anywhere within Greenhouse Onboarding, select the Home button on the left hand menu.

The boxes on the Home page will rotate position, so that the same content is not in the same place all the time. This will allow content to stay relevant and will constantly push new content to the top. 

Fill In: If the employee has not filled in part of their profile they will be prompted to fill in any empty fields from the Home Page. 

Meet a Coworker: A new coworker will be featured every time the page reloads. An employee will see their coworker's profile photo, name, title, and any teams they are a part of. To see more coworkers, hover over the Meet a Coworker box and select Next. 

New Hires: New Hires that are starting within the next 7 days will be featured in this box. You can select the profile photo (or avatar) to view the employee's profile. 


Birthdays: Birthdays for the upcoming week will be displayed, with the date and profile photo of the employee whose birthday it is. You can select the profile photo to view the employee's profile. 

Company Anniversaries: Similar to Birthdays, Company Anniversaries for the upcoming week will be displayed with the date of the anniversary and the profile photo of the employee celebrating the anniversary. The number over the employee's photo will show what anniversary they are celebrating. 

Team: A different team will be featured everytime the Home page is reloaded. The name of the teams, and thumbnails of team member's profile photos will be displayed. Selecting the name of the Team will take you to the Team page where you can learn more about what the team does. 

Posts: Any Posts that have been made will be displayed. If there are multiple Posts, each Post will have it's own box on the Home page. Employees can create a new Post on the Home page by selecting New. Learn more about Posts here

Props: If employees have given each other Props they will be displayed on the Home page. If multiple Props have been given, each Prop will have it's own box on the Home page. Learn more about Props here

Company Growth: A graph will display the growth of the company over years or months. When you hover over Company Growth you will see the total number of active employees at the company. Selecting that number will take you to the People page. 

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