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How do I send calendar reminders to candidates?

After scheduling your interviews, some companies like to send an additional invite to candidates to make sure they don't lose track of the interview. While we don't suggest you do this via the scheduling system used for setting up interviewers, we now have an easy way to send these types of reminders to candidates.

After scheduling one or more interviews, send the candidate a confirmation email by clicking Send Interview Confirmation.

Prepare your email like normal, then scroll to the very bottom of the page to find a new checkbox called Include calendar files.

Clicking this button will add one or more calendar files (.ics) to the email based on the schedule for your interviews. If all of the interviews you've scheduled are back-to-back with no gaps in-between, one calendar file will be attached with the start time of the first interview and the end time of the last one.

If there are gaps, multiple files will be added, although Greenhouse will attempt to consolidate them wherever possible. In this example, the middle two interviews were combined because they are happening back to back.

If you'd like to adjust the names of the invites or delete some of them, you can do that by clicking the pencil or hovering over the X on the right-hand side.

When you click send, the invite(s) will be added as an attachment to the email that is received by the candidate. The way the file displays can vary with each mail/calendar provider, but the gist is that your candidates can then opt to add it to their calendars as a reminder. In Gmail, here's how a single file and multiple file are displayed:

The body of your email will also be displayed in the calendar files, so anything the candidate needs to know should be readily available to them. PLEASE NOTE: These files are not linked to the scheduled interviews in Greenhouse, so making a change to the date or time would require sending a new update manually.




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