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Permission Stripe: Can Advance, Reject, Email Candidates/Prospects

For more information on Job Admin Customization and Permission Levels, please visit: Job Admin Levels

Can advance, reject, email candidate/prospect is a permission that all Job Admins currently have. As the name suggests, Job Admins with this permission can move candidates to different stages and send them emails directly from Greenhouse. If you want a hiring manager to do app review, for example, but only leave comments, simply create a new Job Admin level without this permission and assign it to users. 

When a user visits a candidate's profile on a job where they do not have this permission, they won't be able to send an email or move the candidate within the job.

A side effect of this change is that a Job Admin will only be able to move a candidate to another job where they have permissions that are the same level or lower, but not higher. Let's say a user can advance, reject, email candidates/prospects on a Marketing Assistant job, but not on VP of Marketing. 

  • Moving or adding a candidate from Marketing Assistant to VP of Marketing is allowed, since the user is moving a candidate from a job where they have higher permission to one where they have lower permissions.
  • Moving or adding a candidate from VP of Marketing to Marketing Assistant is not allowed however, since this would allow the user to upgrade her own permissions past where they have been set and then advance/reject/email the candidate in question.

If the same user was bulk emailing, advancing, or rejecting candidates and selects candidates from both jobs, a warning will let them know that some candidates could be skipped if they don't have adequate permissions on each candidate's job.

In app review, the redesigned experience prompts the user to leave a rating and comment, but they are not actually able to advance or reject here either. This would allow one user to make judgements during app review, then another user with higher permissions could visit later to reject or move candidates appropriately.

Additionally, this mode might be a good way to train newer employees on hiring best practices. Rather than give them complete control on a specific job, you could allow them to rate candidates in app review without any threat of them making a bad decision. Once you feel their ratings are consistent with how your organization evaluates candidates, you can bump them up to Job Admin: Standard and allow them to do the advancing or rejecting themselves.