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Greenhouse Onboarding: Welcome Experience

The Welcome Experience section will display information about your company including mission, values, and company history. 


To access the Welcome Experience page go to Admin > Settings > New Hire Experience: Welcome Experience. 

Depending on the Settings for your account, anyone from an employee to a Super Admin will be able edit each section by selecting the Edit link that appears when you hover over a section.



The Mission statement for you company should be detailed in this section. It can either be in text or video form. 

If you'd like to embed a video into your Mission statement, you'll need to grab the embed code from YouTube. To do this, find the video on YouTube, select Share, then select Embed.  Copy the full code that appears, it should look something like this: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Company Photo

The company photo can either be a photo of your employees, or a photo of your office space. Whatever photo you believe represents your company can go here. This photo will be visible on the First Day page, and can be loaded in the Settings portion of Greenhouse Onboarding. This photo can be edited on the "Settings Overview" tab.


Company History

You can add Milestones to your Company History. A Milestone can be anything that you believe is a significant event for your company. Anything from your founding date, to the day you started putting Starburst candy in the kitchen. The more events you add to your timeline the more robust your company history will be. You can upload an image for the event by selecting the photo icon. The company history will be on the company page as well as on the First Day page. 



Values should outline what major ideas make up your company culture. You can add as many values as you'd like. Values appear on the First Day page and on the company page.