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Greenhouse Onboarding: Logging In

Logging into Greenhouse Onboarding will depend on whether or not your start date has arrived. 


Before your start date 

The best way to log into Greenhouse Onboarding before your start date has arrived will be to use the link in the invitation email that was originally sent to you.  If you're unable to locate this email, we recommend reaching out to your internal HR admin to have this re-sent to you. 


On or after start date as an employee 

As an employee on or after your start date has passed, you can log in using the work email that was provisioned to you by your team. 

There are different methods that your team can configure for logging into Greenhouse Onboarding: 

  • Logging in with Google Apps
  • Logging in with an SSO provider
  • Logging in with a password 


Logging in with Google Apps

If your company uses Google Apps to power their email, you can sign in by:

  1. Select Sign in using Google
  2. Authorize your work email to have access to Greenhouse Onboarding
  3. That's it! You're in!


Logging in with an SSO provider

If your company uses an SSO provider, you can sign in by:

  1. Enter your work email address
  2. Click the button "Sign in with SSO" 
  3. Enter your SSO credentials
  4. Voila! Welcome to Greenhouse Onboarding :) 



Logging in without Google Apps

If your company does not use Google Apps, you can sign into Greenhouse Onboarding with an email and password. When you are added to Greenhouse Onboarding you will receive an email that prompts you to set up your account with Greenhouse Onboarding. 


Select the link and set your password:


If you did not receive an email when your Greenhouse Onboarding account was added you can select Forgot Password on the login screen. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password and login to Greenhouse Onboarding.