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How do I apply new offer approvals to many jobs at once?

If your offer approvals change or an existing approvers leave your company, you'll no longer need to click into each and every job to remove their names and swap them out with someone else. Any Site Admins with the added permission to create and override default approval flows will be able to apply the default offer approvals onto every job in a particular department or office combination.

To start, head to the Configure > Approvals page and adjust the permissions for any combination of departments and offices. If you'd like to apply the permissions to all of your jobs, you can do that as well. After you've configured everything just the way you want it, select the Apply to existing jobs button underneath the Offer Approvals.


Clicking the button will greet you with a prompt that shows the number of jobs that will be adjusted by this change. Any offers that are already in progress will be unaffected, so you will need to delete the current offer and generate a new one on each candidate's Private tab in order to trigger the new approvals. 

Clicking Yes will adjust your jobs in the background as you continue using Greenhouse, but you should see the offer approvals appear after a short delay.

Please note: Confidential jobs will not be affected by permissions that are edited in bulk, so the users on the job will still need to edit these offer approvals one by one.