I use Zenefits. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

We're excited to announce our integration with Zenefits, which allows you to forward a candidate's information and offer details from Greenhouse in a single click!

To set up the integration, you can log into Zenefits and take these steps to get a Company ID and Secret Key to complete the integration:

  1. Login to Zenefits
  2. Click on the “Add Existing” button

     3.  Then click “Connect Existing App” under Greenhouse


     4.  You can use the custom Company ID & Secret Key in Greenhouse to complete the integration.

Now, you can head to the integrations page in Greenhouse and click Connect to enter this information. Only the user who initially set up the integration will be able to edit or remove it from your Greenhouse account, but any Job Admin: Private or Site Admin with the advanced permission to see private notes, salary info, manage offers, and approve jobs/offers will be able to export users into your Zenefits account.


Once the integration is set up, you will see the Export to Zenefits button when you navigate to a candidate's Private tab. Clicking the button will fire off the candidate's information to your Zenefits account so you can ensure every new hire gets properly processed!  The transferred data will include: the candidate's name, resume, job title, job start date, and email. 


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  • Avatar
    Nicole Hart

    Can the offer letters be transferred to Zenefits if the online feature is activated?

  • Avatar
    Jodi Freeman

    Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for writing in! Currently the Offer Letter associated with a hired candidate's profile will not be imported to Zenefits when you select the "Export to Zenefits" option in Greenhouse.


  • Avatar
    Clarence Lal

    Is there any way to export more information to Zenefits? For example, in our offers we contain information such as Salary, Manager, etc. which is all information which we'd love to also be populated in Zenefits when exported to streamline the process. Otherwise we have to manually input all that data in Zenefits anyway once the candidate has been transferred over. Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Olivia Hirsch

    Hi Clarence,

    Thanks for writing in! Currently, this isn't available in the integration. In this case, we'd recommend manually inputting the information into Zenefits. Please reach out to support@greenhouse.io with any additional questions!