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Purchase a LinkedIn Paid Ad Directly Through Greenhouse

To purchase a LinkedIn Paid ad directly through Greenhouse, select an individual job by clicking on Jobs tab from the Dashboard and selecting the name of a job.

From the Job Dashboard, click on the Sourcing tab and navigate to Third-party boards from the left-hand panel. Click on New Ad Campaign.



Select LinkedIn from the list of ads on the next page and name your campaign just like any other paid job board.


On the next page, you will be asked to log into your LinkedIn account to verify ownership on a specific company page.

From there, you will fill in the information about the job, your company, and the location and postal code where the job should be posted. Unlike some of our other paid job boards, the price for LinkedIn Paid ads fluctuates depending on the location of the job in question, so make sure to check the final price before checking out!


The final step is to fill out your billing information and confirm the purchase! You will receive a confirmation email with a receipt for your records, and your job should appear on LinkedIn shortly!