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Greenhouse Onboarding: Reporting

With all of your employees stored in Greenhouse Onboarding, there is a lot of information available to you. Greenhouse Onboarding's reporting lets you parse this information by building and filtering on custom reports.  

To add new Fields check out the Fields article here

As an Admin or Super Admin you can go to Settings > Reporting. 


Name or Open Report

  • To create a new report select New and then name the report. 
  • Please note: Any time you add any columns or filters to your Reports they will automatically be saved. 
  • If you have already created a report, select Open, and then select the Report from the dropdown menu



Add Columns

  • To customize what information your report will pull select Add Column.
  • From the dropdown select any Fields you would like to include in the report. 
  • Once added the column will appear on the report and will display any content if the Field has been filled out by the user. 
  • To delete a column hover over the column title and then select the black x. 
  • Any changes you make will automatically be saved and available the next time you open the report. 


Filtering Results

  • If you want to narrow down your results you can add Filters by selecting Show Filters. 
  • From the dropdown, select the Field you would like to Filter by. 
  • If you select a date field, for example Birthday, you will be able to filter by date. Once you filter the results will automatically be displayed below.
  • If you filter by a Team, you can can select the team you would like to display from the dropdown. 
  • If you filter by a Text Field, you can type in the word that should match in the results.
  • Any changes you make will automatically be saved and available the next time you open the report. 


Downloading a CSV

  • Once you have built your report you can download it as a CSV by selecting Email Report.
  • You will receive an email with a download link to the report. 
  • Please Note: You must be logged in to Greenhouse Onboarding in order to download the report from the emailed link. You cannot forward the email to another user to download; the user that had the link emailed to them is the only user that can use that link.