Permissions: Owners, Coordinators, and users with custom access to manage field reports

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Use the field report in Greenhouse Onboarding to gather and report on employee profile fields for employees across your organization.

Example: Your organization wants to host a lunch for an incoming cohort of new hires. Using the Legal Name and Food Allergy fields, you can generate a field report to capture a list of your new hires' allergy and dietary restrictions before placing food orders.

Create a new field report

To create a new field report, click Reports from the navigation bar. Then, click Create New

Screenshot  of  the  create  new  button.

You will be able to provide a unique name for the report when you save the field report.

Add or remove field report columns

Note: Owners and Coordinators can add any custom field to a field report. Users with custom access to manage field reports can only add fields they've been given access to in their custom role(s).

Your ability to see values for each custom field will depend on your field permissions. If you don't have permission to view a field, entries for that column will display Requires access.

If you're a Coordinator or custom access user, reach out to your organization's Owner user to request access to these fields.

To add a column to a field report, click the Columns dropdown menu. Select one or more fields from the subsequent list.

When finished, click Apply.

Screenshot  of  the  coloums  dropdown  menu.

Note: Other Criteria fields aren't available as field report columns.

To remove a field from the report, click the Columns dropdown menu. Click the X to the right of any field currently included in the report to remove the field. Click Apply when finished.

Screenshot  of  the  X  icon  to  remove  a  column.

Add or remove field report filters

Note: Custom access users can only add filters for fields that they've been given permission to access in each of their assigned custom roles. Learn more.

 To filter a field report, click the Filters menu and select Add Filter from the dropdown menu.

Screenshot  of  the  add  filter  button.

Use the fields to select the filter criteria. You can apply more than one filter to a field report by clicking Add Filter again. Custom fields can be added to the filter if their Type is single-select or multi-select.

Click Apply when finished.

To remove a filter from the report, click the Filters dropdown menu. Click the X to the right of any filter applied to the report to remove the filter. Click Apply when finished.

Screenshot  of  the  X  button  to  remove  a  filter.

Reorganize your field report

To reorganize columns in the report, simply click any column header to highlight the column.

Next, drag and drop the column to the desired position in the report.  

Save your field report

Once you finished (re)configuring your field report, click Save Changes to save any edits.

Note: If you're creating a brand new field report, you'll be prompted to name the report. Click Save Report As and name the report.

Screenshot of the save changes button.

If you navigate away from the field report page without saving edits, you will be notified that you have unsaved edits and they will be lost if you proceed. 

Export your field report

Note: Field reports can only be emailed and downloaded by the user who created the report.

Click Reports from the navigation bar and navigate to a specific field report in the Field Reports panel.

Click the ellipsis icon inline with the field report name. Then, select Email CSV from the dropdown menu. 

Screenshot of the email CSV button from the ellipses dropdown.

Field reports can also be emailed directly from within the Field Report by clicking the ellipsis icon and selecting Email CSV from the dropdown menu.

Screenshot of the ellipses icon.

An email is generated and delivered to the executor of the action. The email will contain a link the user can click to download the CSV onto their computer. 

Note: This link redirects you to Greenhouse Onboarding and will ask you to confirm your login credentials.  

View saved field reports

Note: Owners and Coordinators can access all saved field reports across your organization. Users with custom access to manage field reports can only access the field reports they personally generated.

The Field Reports panel on the Reports page displays the five most recently edited field reports. To view the complete list of saved field reports, click View Saved Reports.

Screenshot of the view saved reports button.

From the Reports page, click the name of any report to view.

Additional resources

Learn more about granting custom access to manage field reports: