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Fields are used on employee profiles to collect employee information. You can control who can see and who can edit different Fields on a profile.

As an Admin or Super Admin you can view available Fields or create a new Field by going to Admin >Settings > Data Flow > Custom Fields.


Greenhouse Onboading - Building & Managing Custom Fields from Greenhouse on Vimeo.


Add a Field

Select Add Field, and type in a name for your Field.

Field Type

  • Address Field: Will collect Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, and Zip for an address. US addresses only supported. 
  • Confirmable Field: Will ask the employee to enter their answer in twice to confirm they entered it in correctly. Good for collecting items like SSN or personal email address. 
  • Contact: Will collect information about an emergency contact, including Name, Email, Phone and relationship to person. 
  • Coworker Field: Will provide a dropdown of all other employees in Greenhouse Onboarding. Good to use for Mentor or Buddy fields.
  • Date Field: Will prompt user to enter a date. Examples include Start Date and Birthday.
  • Long Text: Will provide a large text box for employee to enter answer. Good for anything that may require more than a few sentences to answer. 
  • Multiple Choice Field: Ask employees to select one option from a list. Use to collect information like Tshirt sizes.
  • Multiple Select: Allow employees to select multiple options from a list.Use to collect information like dietary restrictions or ethnicity.
  • Team Field: Will provide a dropdown with a list of team names.
  • Text Field: Free form text option where employee can write their own answers.




There are two permissions associated with Fields, Read Permissions and Write Permissions.

  • Read Permissions: Selected user type can view the Field on a users' profile. If you select All Employees, everyone will be able to view this field on their profile as well as their fellow coworker's profiles.
  • Write Permissions: Selected user type can edit the Field on a users' profile. If you select All Employees, each employee will be able to edit the field on their profile.
  • Allow Manager Access When you onboard a new employee, there are usually multiple pieces of information you need to collect from their manager in order for the onboarding to be successful (Where are they sitting? Do they need Photoshop on their computer?). When you select Allow Manager Access the Hiring Manager will be notified that they need to provide info for an employee in Greenhouse Onboarding. You can learn more here
  • Allow Employee Access: When you select Admin or Super Admin for both Read and Write permissions you'll see another option called Allow Employee Access appear. Checking this box will allow the employee to input an answer for this field, but it will not be visible to any other employees because you have set the Read and Write permissions to Admin or Super Admin only.
  • Required for New Hires: If you have All Employees selected for Write Permissions, or if you select Allow Employee Access, this option will become available. When you select this option, a new employee will be required to fill in this field before leaving the page and exploring the rest of Greenhouse Onboarding. Should be used for fields like SSN, Emergency Contact, Birthday and any other required info.
  • Sensitive Field: Checking this option indicates that the field contains sensitive data. We provide extra security for these fields. Please note that these fields will no longer be searchable or available in reports.

Once you've selected a Field type and set your permissions, select Add Field. The Field will now appear on the list of Fields on the left hand side, and will be available to view or edit on any employee profile.

Next Steps: Looking to run a report on the different answers inputted into Fields? Check out our Reporting article.

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