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Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Stack Overflow allows candidates to apply directly through Stack Overflow without having to take the additional step of navigating to your company's careers page.

Find your job board token

To make your job posts available to Stack Overflow, you'll need to send your job board URL, or job board token, to Stack Overflow.

You can find your job board URL by navigating to Configure Configure icon > Job Boards & Posts > Ellipsis Ellipsis icon icon next to your job board > Edit Board Settings, then scroll to the URL field.


Copy the token at the end of the URL to send to Stack Overflow in a later step.

Click here for a more detailed walkthrough of locating your job board token.

Create a job board API key

Next, you'll need to create a job board API key for Stack Overflow.

Follow the steps in this article and use the information below when creating your API key:

  • API type: Job Board
  • Description: Stack Overflow Job Board API key

Copy your job board API key to a secure location to provide to Stack Overflow in the next step.

Enable the Stack Overflow integration

Provide your Stack Overflow account manager with both your job board token and your job board API key so they can finish enabling the integration for you.

Candidate source tracking (optional)

If you want candidates to be credited to Stack Overflow as a source, provide your Stack Overflow Account Manager with a custom tracking link so they can append it to their post.

To generate a tracking link, click on the Configure icon Configure icon on your navigation bar, then click Job Boards & Posts.

Click the Ellipsis Ellipsis icon icon beside your job board, then click Tracking Link from the dropdown.

Enter the following details:

  • Who gets credit: Select a user or click None.
  • Source: Stack Overflow

Copy your tracking link and provide it to your Stack Overflow account manager.

Additional resources

I'm already integrated with Stack Overflow Talent, but applicants are still being redirected to apply on Greenhouse Recruiting.

  • Many customers were integrated before Stack Overflow supported custom application fields and custom demographic questions.
  • In cases where either custom fields or custom demographic information was required before Stack Overflow supported them, customer job listings were automatically set to apply via a Greenhouse Recruiting application link.
  • To update this functionality, go to your job listing on Stack Overflow and change the application type to the Greenhouse Recruiting integration.