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How can my candidates apply directly from Stack Overflow?

Stack Overflow and Greenhouse now have an integration that allows candidates to apply directly through Stack Overflow without having to take the additional step to navigate to your company careers page. In order to set this up, you will need to provide Stack Overflow with your Job Board's URL Token and a Job Board API Key so they can properly configure your jobs. 

You can take one of the following two steps to retrieve your job board "token":

1. As a Site Admin, go to the Configure > Job Board page and click Edit next to your external board. The content in the editable field under URL is your token. In this case, it's bizzz.



2. Users with the advanced permission for Can manage Job Board API credentials can alternatively go to the Configure > Dev Center > Configuring your job board page to see the URL Token.

Take the following steps to generate the API Key:

  • Click the Configure tab
  • Click Dev Center
  • Click API Credential Management

Important note: Only users who have the advanced "Can manage Job Board API credentials" developer permission can generate Job Board API keys.


 On the API Credential Management page, click the Create New API Key button.


From the Type drop-down menu, select Job board. Entering a description is optional, but we recommend Stack Overflow. When finished, click Create.

This will generate your API key which you can then share with Stack Overflow so they can post applications into Greenhouse without having candidates redirect to your careers page. 



As well, if you would like the candidates coming into Greenhouse to indicate their source is "StackOverflow," you can provide StackOverflow with a tracking token so they can append that to the post. When your StackOverflow account manager asks for your unique tracking token, here's how you can generate it!

  1. Navigate to the Configure > Job Board page and click [Tracking Link] next to Your EXTERNAL job board is LIVE.
  2. Under Who Gets Credit, select None, then choose StackOverflow from the Source dropdown. 

You'll end up with a link that looks something like this: Just take the part after the forward slash (in this case, tfard2s), and send it over to your StackOverflow account manager to get things set up!



This document outlines the common integration questions for Stack Overflow Talent and the Greenhouse ATS system.



Integrating your Stack Overflow Talent job listing with Greenhouse will allow applicants to use the Stack Overflow application process, but on completion, the applications will be transferred to your Greenhouse ATS.

Over the years we’ve identified that job listings that do not use our application process (example: apply links that take the applicant to another website) have a lower average number of applications than those that do use our application process. This integration allows a customer to have the best of both worlds; an optimal apply flow for our users but still retain the power of using the Greenhouse ATS.



What information is needed to set up the Greenhouse integration?

  • We need a URL token, API key, and a unique Tracking token

How does a customer set up their Greenhouse integration?

  • Customers are directed to this Greenhouse help article to find their Greenhouse API information.
    • This link only works if the customer is logged into their Greenhouse dashboard.
  • This information is passed on to the Sales Support department at or sent to their sales rep.
  • If the customer has any live listings, they will need to change the apply method to “Integrate with” and select the corresponding job in Greenhouse. so1.png

Are there any customer facing setup steps?

  • Only when publishing a job listing. The customer is required to choose the correct job on Greenhouse. See above screenshot.
  • Integration details are set up by internal support staff. 

Can customers that purchase job listings through Greenhouse use the ATS integration?

  • Due to limitations of the Greenhouse API, only customers that purchase job listings through Stack Overflow Talent can use the ATS integration.
  • Greenhouse customers will need use a standard Greenhouse application link.

Why aren’t my applications being attributed to Stack Overflow Talent?

  • Some customers may have been set up before we implemented Tracking or did not provide the Tracking token in the first place.
  • The correctly attribute applications, we must have a unique Tracking token from Greenhouse.
  • Steps to find this can be found here

I’m already integrated with Stack Overflow Talent, but applicants are still being redirected to apply on Greenhouse.

  • Many customers were integrated before we supported customer application fields and EEOC information.
  • In a case where either customer fields or EEOC information were required before we supported them, customer job listings were automatically set to fallback to applying via a Greenhouse application link.
  • Customers simply need to go into their job listing and change the application type to the Greenhouse integration.