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What are anonymous take home tests? How do I set them up?

Take home tests are a great way to judge your candidates' skills in writing, coding, project management, or just about anything your jobs require. In most cases, the work should speak for itself, and details about the candidates or how they've done so far in the process shouldn't impact the assessment of their test.

To help facilitate this objectivity in grading, we've rolled out anonymous take home tests, which will hide the name and profile of the candidate until after a grader has filled out their scorecard. Obviously this will require input from your candidates as well, but as long as they know not to include their names in the test itself, things should be kept relatively hidden.

Start by selecting a job and heading to Job Setup > Interview Plan. Click Edit Interview Kit for a take home test or document submission stage, then scroll to the very bottom of the page , where you'll see two boxes -- checking Hide candidate details from grader and saving will make this stage anonymous for all candidates in the job.

You can now send the test to the candidate normally or upload a file directly on their Stage tab. When a test is ready, the graders will receive a trimmed-down email that doesn't include the candidate's information.

The interview kit will also leave out the candidate's name and the link to their profile to discourage interviewers from doing too much research before assessing the test. 

Please Note: The purpose of the feature is to discourage unconscious bias, but it doesn't completely obfuscate the candidate from the interviewer. The candidate name and profile will appear if the grader navigates to their Scorecards Due page, so this feature won't deter any interviewers dead-set on identifying the candidate in question.