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What are the different email template types? Where do they show up?

When creating or editing an email template on the Configure > Email Templates page, selecting a Type is required. The benefit of categorizing organization-wide email templates is that when users go to send emails via Greenhouse, they won't have to scroll through templates that aren't relevant to the action. The current types are:

  1. Candidate Availability Request
  2. Candidate Email
  3. Candidate Interview Confirmation
  4. Candidate Rejection
  5. Extending Offer
  6. Interviewer Invite
  7. Scorecard Due
  8. Team Email
  9. Thanks For Applying 


  • The Candidate Availability Request Template appears when you click the Request Availability button on a candidate's profile on a stage that needs to be scheduled.


  • The Candidate Email Template appears when you click Email CANDIDATE on the right side of a candidate's profile.

  • The Candidate Interview Confirmation Template appears when you click the Send Interview Confirmation button on a candidate's profile. This button will only appear when their availability status is Received.


  • The Candidate Rejection Template appears when you click RejectCANDIDATE on the right side of a candidate's profile.

  • The Extending Offer Template appears when you click the Send With Greenhouse button on the Private tab after an offer has been created and approved.

  • The Interviewer Invite Template appears when you click Schedule Interview on a candidate's Stage tab.

  • The Scorecards Due Template appears when you click Resend Reminder on an outstanding scorecard on a candidate's Stage tab or on the Candidate Search tab.

  • The Team Email Template appears when you click Email the team about CANDIDATE on the right side of a candidate's profile.

  • The Thanks For Applying Template is automatically sent to your candidates when they apply to one of your positions. It can be configured on the Job Setup > Job Post > Edit page.

Additionally, there are some Default templates that primarily act as system messages:

  • Default Non Admin Welcome Message
  • Default Job Admin Welcome Message
  • Default Site Admin Welcome Message
  • Default Candidate Referral Receipt
  • Default Prospect Referral Receipt

These templates determine the messaging sent to your users when they are first invited to their account and when they refer candidates and prospects into your system.