What are the different email template types? Where do they show up?

When creating or editing an email template on the Configure > Email Templates page, selecting a Type is required. The benefit of categorizing organization-wide email templates is that when users go to send emails via Greenhouse, they won't have to scroll through templates that aren't relevant to the action. The current types are:

  1. Candidate Availability Request
  2. Candidate Email
  3. Candidate Interview Confirmation
  4. Candidate Rejection
  5. Extending Offer
  6. Interviewer Invite
  7. Scorecard Due
  8. Team Email
  9. Thanks For Applying 


  • The Candidate Availability Request Template appears when you click the Request Availability button on a candidate's profile on a stage that needs to be scheduled.


  • The Candidate Email Template appears when you click Email CANDIDATE on the right side of a candidate's profile.

  • The Candidate Interview Confirmation Template appears when you click the Send Interview Confirmation button on a candidate's profile. This button will only appear when their availability status is Received.


  • The Candidate Rejection Template appears when you click RejectCANDIDATE on the right side of a candidate's profile.

  • The Extending Offer Template appears when you click the Send With Greenhouse button on the Private tab after an offer has been created and approved.

  • The Interviewer Invite Template appears when you click Schedule Interview on a candidate's Stage tab.

  • The Scorecards Due Template appears when you click Resend Reminder on an outstanding scorecard on a candidate's Stage tab or on the Candidate Search tab.

  • The Team Email Template appears when you click Email the team about CANDIDATE on the right side of a candidate's profile.

  • The Thanks For Applying Template is automatically sent to your candidates when they apply to one of your positions. It can be configured on the Job Setup > Job Post > Edit page.

Additionally, there are some Default templates that primarily act as system messages:

  • Default Non Admin Welcome Message
  • Default Job Admin Welcome Message
  • Default Site Admin Welcome Message
  • Default Candidate Referral Receipt
  • Default Prospect Referral Receipt

These templates determine the messaging sent to your users when they are first invited to their account and when they refer candidates and prospects into your system.

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  • Avatar
    Luke Russon

    Can you return edited default messages back to their original content?

  • Avatar
    Jess Bertubin

    Hi Luke,

    Thanks for writing in!

    I've sent you an email, but just so you also have the response here: There isn't a way to return the default email templates to their previous state, however, I can research for you the original content so you can replace the edits.


  • Avatar
    Luke Russon

    Hi Jess,

    Could you send me the original default scorecard reminder email?



  • Avatar
    Jess Bertubin

    Hi Luke,

    Sure! I'll follow up via email on the ticket I created earlier, #40407.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!


  • Avatar
    Alex Shepherd


    Can you change the timings of when the first scorecard due email goes out?


  • Avatar
    Jess Bertubin

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for writing in!

    The first reminder to an interviewer to submit their scorecard will automatically go out 1 hour after the interview has been scheduled to be completed. Currently, this is not customizable, though users can manually trigger any further reminders by clicking "Send reminder."

    Let me know if you have any other questions!


  • Avatar
    Corey Sanford

    Is there any way to make sure everyone on your team can see templates that you create?

  • Avatar
    Thai Win

    Hi Corey,

    Thanks for writing in!

    If you would like to share your templates with other people, you'll need to create them as an organization-wide template, rather than a personal template. Currently it's not possible to transfer "My Templates" over to "Org Wide Templates". In this case, you will need to manually recreate the templates under the Org Wide Templates section by copying the body of the template and paste it into a new organization wide template.

    Let me know if I can help you with anything else and have a great day!


  • Avatar
    Miles Dickinson

    Is there a way to resend the scorecard reminder email. I appreciate it get's sent 1 hour after the interview, but can we have it auto-send if no reminder is filled out by the following day?

  • Avatar
    Lisa Fox

    Hi Miles,

    Thanks for reaching out and happy to help! You can resend a scorecard reminder by navigating to the candidate's profile and locating the specific interview. Under the interviewer's name, there should be a "Resend Scorecard Reminder" button that you can click on.

    Let me know if you have any further questions- hope that helps!

    All the best,


  • Avatar
    Sarah Szeflinski

    Hi! I also submitted a request, but we want to create different email template 'thanks for applying' for different jobs as they will have different timelines to be share with applicants. How do I assign a specific custom organization wide template for one job opening only?

  • Avatar
    Michelle Mesch

    Hi there Sarah!

    Thanks for reaching out! Happy to help here.

    What you'll want to do first is go to Configure>Email Templates>Click Pencil Icon next to the "INTERN thank you for applying" template. The template type needs to be change to the type Thank You For Applying. This is the second box on the edit page. Then click Save at the bottom of your page.

    Now that you've correctly indicated the email template type, you'll want to assign this to the particular Job it's for. Follow these instructions to do that:

    - Go to Jobs>Search for the Job you want to assign it to>Select Job.
    - Go to the Job Setup>Job Posts and click the Pencil Icon of the Job Post you want to assign the template to.
    - Scroll to the Settings section of the page and select Yes next to: Should applicants receive an automatic email when they submit an application?
    - Just below that you'll see a drop down menu to select the template of choice. Click there and select the template you've just created.
    - Click Preview at the bottom of your page and then click Save.

    Make sure when you are ready that you make your Job Post Live and you'll be good to go!

    I hope this helps! If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach out again at any time. I'll be happy to help. Take care and have a great day!


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    Ash Hogan

    'The Candidate Interview Confirmation Template appears when you click the Send Interview Confirmation button on a candidate's profile. This button will only appear when their availability status is Received.'

    Sometimes candidates send availability through a third party or through the previous interviewer. Is there a way to set this email template as a default on all reqs irrespective of whether availability has been requested via GH?

  • Avatar
    Jessie Yang

    Hi Ash,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    That is the intended behavior for the "Send Interview Confirmation" button to appear only once a Candidate's availability status is set to "Received". However availability does not have to be requested through Greenhouse in order to set availability to "Received".

    In instances where a Candidate's availability is received through a third party or previous contact (anywhere outside of Greenhouse), a scheduler can manually set the availability status to "Received" to populate the "Send Interview Confirmation" button. Simply click the underlined text "Not Requested" to update availability status.

    Hope this was helpful! If you have any other questions, please let us know! You can reach us directly at support@greenhouse.io.


  • Avatar
    Stephanie Cogliati

    Is there a way for me to create my own auto-reply templates for certain stages in the process??

    Edited by Stephanie Cogliati