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I use WePow. How do I enable the integration and add a new stage?

Enabling the Integration

To enable the integration in Greenhouse, first contact your WePow account rep and get your company's custom API key. Send this over to or your Greenhouse account manager so we can configure it correctly on your account.

Optional – Candidate Import Module

If you plan to use Wepow’s “Public Link” function or invite candidates directly from Wepow, you may want to automatically export new Wepow applicants to Greenhouse. To enable this capability, you’ll need to generate a Harvest API Key and an Ingestion API Key in Greenhouse and send them to For more information about how to manage your API Keys in Greenhouse go to

Adding a Take Home Test Stage

After our team enables the integration for your account, you can select and job and go to the Job Setup > Interview Plan to add a new stage called Wepow. Site Admins with the advanced permission to Bulk Edit Jobs can also add this stage to many jobs at once.

Place the stage in your plan, edit the Interview Kit to select the correct test, then move candidates into the stage to send over the test! Once they complete it, graders will be notified and can view a link to their submission directly from the scorecard!

Linking a Wepow Interview to a Job in Greenhouse


If you enabled the “Candidate Import” module, you’ll be able sync you candidates in Wepow to Greenhouse. To do this, open the “Settings” section of your interview in Wepow and select the Greenhouse Job you wish to link to this interview.


Next time a new candidate is added to this interview, the data will be automatically sent to Greenhouse.