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What are Gravatars? How do I turn them on in Greenhouse?

Short for Globally Recognized Avatar, the Gravatar is a profile picture that can be used on tons of sites all over the internet. Once an individual signs up, connects an email address, and selects an image, their Gravatar will be automatically pulled into hundreds of blogs, forums, and other sites that use the connected email address!

Since some recruiters tell us that it can be difficult to keep candidates straight when managing dozens of interviews a day, Site Admins can now toggle candidate Gravatars on and off in Greenhouse to give users a handy visual cue to remember candidates!

To turn them on, Site Admins should go to the Configure > Organization page and click the checkbox for Enable Gravatars.

After you've enabled it, Greenhouse will check your candidates' email addresses against the Gravatar API and automatically show the image it finds into the top of the candidate's profile. Please note: depending on the number of candidates that need to be updated, there could be a delay in all of the Gravatars appearing. If you wish to remove the images, just head back to the Configure > Organization page and uncheck the box!

If you're interested in learning more about Gravatars or signing up for one yourself, head over to the Gravatar signup page or the Gravatar support FAQs.



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