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What are to-dos?

For any stage a candidate is in in Greenhouse, there will be a certain number of "to-dos". These act as indicators of actions that need to happen in order to keep the candidate moving forward in the interview process.

To-dos will show up in two places:

  • The Candidates tab, to the right of the candidate's name
  • The candidate profile, to the right of the current stage name on the Stage tab

The following actions contribute to the number you see:

  • Interviews to schedule (in the candidate's current stage)
  • Outstanding scorecards to be submitted (across all stages)
  • Scheduled interviews (in the candidate's current stage)

Given those actions, you may see one of two things: a certain amount of "to-dos", or specific actions to take, like "3 interviews to schedule".

If you see something like this, that means that there are no outstanding to-dos in any other stages, so the only ones are within the current stage:


This allows Greenhouse to be more specific around the particular actions that must take place.

If you see something like this, that means that there are still actions that need to be taken outside of the candidate's current stage, such as a scorecard submission: