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Salvaging Your Jobvite Data

We know your data is important, that’s why we’ve developed a set of tools to help you recover it from Jobvite. We do want to note however, that Jobvite may not always provide all your data in a format that can be imported. While we do attempt to salvage as much as possible, we can’t promise it will be perfect.

Once you’ve set up your open jobs and launched your Greenhouse-powered careers page, you can start the data migration from Jobvite. The process consists of two steps:

Step 1: Retrieving your data exports from Jobvite via FTP

Once your Greenhouse-powered careers page has been launched, you’ll need to request a set of XML exports from Jobvite. In our experience, they can generally provide these file sets in 3-4 weeks, though it can take longer in some cases. Here are the files that you’ll need to request from them:

  • An XML file containing all requisitions

  • An XML file containing all candidates with resumes

  • An attachments directory

    They’ll make these files available on an FTP site and will send you the credentials to access them. Our Jobvite migration tool can download them right from that site.

Step 2: Mapping legacy data to Greenhouse

Your Greenhouse data migrations contact will work with you to map your legacy data onto your new Greenhouse structure (e.g., job titles, sources, candidate statuses, etc.) Once your mappings are set, we will import your Jobvite data into Greenhouse.

Salvaging-Your-Jobvite-Data.pdf (1 MB)