Data Migrations - Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the most common ATS’s that Greenhouse imports data from?
Jazz (formerly The Resumator), JobScore, and Jobvite. We’ve also done numerous imports from iCIMS, Lever, Pereless, Smart Recruiters, Taleo, and Workable.
If I’m transitioning from a different ATS than those three, what’s the process?
For other ATS’s, we have to investigate the options for extracting data, so the process inherently takes longer (3-4 weeks minimum once we receive your data). If your ATS is able to export data in a complete, consistent format, we should be able to import the vast majority of it. However, if your ATS isn’t able to export data cleanly, we won’t be able to recover the data because we won’t be able to map it back to Greenhouse in a relevant way.
How quickly can we start with the data migration? How much work is the data migration? Who handles it?
You can make a request for data from your old ATS as soon as your Greenhouse-powered careers page has been launched. This will ensure that no applications are lost in the transition. It’s important that we have everything set up and configured in Greenhouse first so we can then fill in the blanks with data from your prior system. Your account manager will collaborate with a data migrations expert on the Customer Success team to provide specialized support throughout the entire process. They’ll tell you exactly what export files or API keys are needed and what to expect when migrating from your past ATS. Your migrations contact will provide guidance to map the legacy data to your new Greenhouse configuration (like job titles, sources, interview stages, etc.) Once the mappings are set, we’ll import as much data as possible.
Can we import candidates and prospects from an Excel spreadsheet?
Yep! If your data is organized into a standard spreadsheet format (we’ll give you a template), we can do a one-time import into Greenhouse as part of the onboarding process.
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    Renフゥ Doucet

    Regarding the import from an Excel spreadsheet it does not work very good. I was able to import 10 prospects but when trying to import 250 it just hangs and nothing happens.

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    Karen Situ

    Hi Rene,

    Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the issue that you're coming across! I would be happy to look into this further.

    I'll be reaching out via email so that I may better troubleshoot for you. Speak soon!

    All the best,