Request candidate availability with Google Calendar

Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The request candidate availability feature simplifies the scheduling process and reduces the need to navigate between multiple calendars when coordinating interviews.

Send a candidate availability request

You can only request a candidate's availability after that candidate has progressed to a stage with a scheduled interview component, for instance, the preliminary phone screen, phone interview, or face to face stages.

Note: You can only request availability on a candidate's current stage, not future ones.

To request a candidate's availability, navigate to the candidate's profile and expand the Current Stage.

Click Request Availability.

Next, edit the email that will be delivered to the candidate. The body of the email will be drawn directly from your Candidate Availability Request Message template.

Tip: Learn how to edit email templates.

You can also craft your own message in the Body field.

You can suggest interview times to help coordinate between the interviewer's and candidate's schedules.

Confirm all the details of the email, then click Send Email.

Your message for candidate availability will be sent to the email address listed in the To field.

Tip: Organizations with Advanced or Expert subscription tiers can automate this process with candidate availability request rules.

Suggest interview times for a candidate

Suggesting interview times for the candidate allows you to send potential interview slots to candidates based on your interviewers' schedules. By providing these suggestions, you can more easily find a convenient interview time for the candidate and your team. To use the feature, begin an availability request email and click Suggest interview times for candidate.

To view an interviewer's calendar, select their name from the Interviewer dropdown. The interviewer's calendar will populate on the right.

Note: To see a colleague's calendar, you need to have the Google Calendar permission 'Make changes to events' on their calendar. Learn more.

Calendars for interviewers can only be viewed one at a time.

Click and drag in the calendar to create proposed times for your calls or interviews. Create as many proposed timeslots as necessary.

If you need to remove a selection, click X in the upper-right of the box to delete it.

Use the navigation arrows at the top-right to view different weeks on the interviewer's calendar.

When finished, click Save Suggested Times.

Your selected times will be inserted into the bottom of the candidate availability request email.

When finished, click Send Email.

You can always resend this email and the suggested interview times clicking Resend from the candidate's profile.

Candidate response to a request

A candidate availability request email includes a link to allow the candidate to see your message and suggested times, and input their availability.

The suggested times you selected will be indicated on the calendar. The candidate can use click-and-drag to indicate when they are free for an interview.

After the candidate sends their availability, the person who initially sent the candidate availability request will be notified via email that it's time to schedule the interview.

Navigate to the candidate's profile to review your suggested times and those submitted by the candidate. Compare the availabilities to find the most convenient time.

When ready, click Schedule Interview.

Tip: Learn more about how to schedule an interview.

After the interview is scheduled, send an interview confirmation email to the candidate so they know the interview details.