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What are the new Job Admin/Interviewer user-specific permissions? How do they work?

We've just rolled out some changes to how user permissions work that will let you customize Job Admin and Interviewer access to each part of the app in more detail than ever before! 


  • Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, and approve jobs/offers - The original user-specific permission, this setting determines whether the Private tab appears on a candidate's profile for the given user. This is the only user-specific permission that is limited Job Admins and cannot be granted to Interviewers.  
  • Can create new jobs and request job approvals - Want to limit new job creation to only certain users? Well now you can! When this box is unchecked, the + New Job button will disappear from the top of Greenhouse. Please Note: Interviewers can also be granted this permission, and if they create a job, they will automatically be added to it as a Job Admin. 
  • Can create confidential jobs - If you've given a user permission to create new jobs, you can check this box to allow them to create Confidential positions as well. Confidential jobs are only visible to the person who created them and the users they explicitly invite, and any confidential jobs that are make public bypass the approval process, so this option should be somewhat limited in most organizations.
  • Can manage custom fields - Custom fields include any additional information you've added on Candidates, Jobs, Offers, or your Referral Questionnaire. While Site Admins will always be able to adjust them, you can now allow lower-permissioned users to add, remove, or make changes as well.
  • Can manage company metadata - Similar to custom option, metadata includes information that appears on dropdowns throughout Greenhouse, like Referrers, Rejection Reasons, Sources, and Tags. 
  • Can manage company email and social media templates - If you have a Job Admin or Interviewer who manages your templates, you can now allow them to make changes to Organization-Wide email templates and company social media templates that will be accessible to all of the users in your Greenhouse account.

How do I know what permissions I have?

All users can now click Hi, [NAME] at the top right of the screen and select My Info to see a list of all of their user-specific permissions.

Who can adjust these permissions?

Only Site Admins with the added permission of can edit another user's advanced permissions will be able to toggle these options on and off for Job Admins or Interviewers. If you're a Site Admin and are unsure of your permissions, you can view them on the My Info page as well!