What does the Greenhouse Candidate Export look like?

You can view the Hired Candidate Sample Payload and the rest of our public-facing API documentation at developers.greenhouse.io.

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    Attila Maczak

    Does the Greenhouse Candidate Export support providing Hiring Manager if the field has data in it? I see the Sample Payload has Recruiter and Coordinator, but I didn't see the Hiring Manager.

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    Attila Maczak

    The Hired Candidate Sample Payload does not show the Hiring Manager. We would like to support being able to have Reports To in our Greenhouse connector and want to know if the Hiring Manager is supported in the Hired Candidate Payload?

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    Karen Situ

    Hi Attila,

    Thanks for writing in! Currently the Hiring Manager information is not supported in the Hired Candidate Payload.

    A candidate is typically assigned a recruiter and a coordinator during the process, which is why this information is included on the Hired Candidate Payload.

    Hope this offers more clarification! Please let me know if you have any more questions, you're welcome to email into support@greenhouse.io anytime!

    All the best,