Enable source tracking for LinkedIn job wrapping

Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Job wrapping is a service LinkedIn provides to automatically post jobs from Greenhouse Recruiting into job slot ads managed through LinkedIn Recruiter.

If you have 50 or more job slots, job wrapping can be used for free. If you have less than 50 job slots, you can use job wrapping for a cost through LinkedIn.

Tip: Learn more about LinkedIn's job wrapping feature.

Note: If your organization uses LinkedIn multiplexing, reach out to your LinkedIn account manager for information on how it impacts job wrapping.

Note: Applicant source tracking isn't enabled automatically through LinkedIn when you set up job wrapping. Applicant source tracking will be enabled only if your organization follows the steps outlined in this article.

Enable source tracking for job wrapping

Create a tracking link

To begin, create a tracking link for your job board. Log in to Greenhouse and click the Configure icon on your navigation bar, then click Job Boards on the left.

The Greenhouse Recruiting configure page shows Job Boards button highlighted on the left

Click the Ellipsis icon beside the name of the job board that contains the job posts you wish to send to LinkedIn.

Click Tracking Link from the dropdown.

The tracking link button is highlighted on the ellipsis icon dropdown on an example job board

Leave the Who gets credit dropdown blank, and select LinkedIn (Ad Posting) in the source dropdown.

An example tracking link is shown with LinkedIn (Ad Posting) selected as the source

When finished, click Create Link.

The Create Link button is highlighted

Click Copy and save the tracking link to a secure location for use in the next step.

The Copy button is highlighted on a tracking link

Identify the applicant source tracking code

Open a new browser tab. Paste the tracking link and navigate to the URL. The tracking link will expand to a longer URL on your organization's job board.

Select, and copy from gh_src= through the end of the URL.

Example: With this URL, you'd copy and save gh_src=8f1812f42us.

An example URL is shown on an internet browser with the tracking code highlighted at the end of the URL

This alphanumeric string is the application source tracking code, used to assign source details to candidates who apply through your job wrapping posts.

Save this tracking code to provide to LinkedIn in the next step.

Send details to LinkedIn

Once you have obtained your applicant source tracking code, sign in to LinkedIn and complete a support request with LinkedIn, following the template below.

Support template

Subject: Job wrapping source tracking

What do you need help with? Recruiter

Which of these topics do you need help with? Jobs

Do you have job wrapping? Yes

Your question:

My LinkedIn Recruiter contract ID is your contract ID.

My applicant tracking system is Greenhouse Recruiting.

Please add this source tracking code to my wrapped job: your tracking code.

An example LinkedIn Support template is shown with the relevant information filled out

Once LinkedIn has confirmed the setup is complete, we recommend that you navigate to one of your wrapped jobs on LinkedIn and submit a test application. Be sure to use a different email address for your test candidate than the one you use to access Greenhouse Recruiting.

Once the test candidate appears in Greenhouse Recruiting, navigate to the candidate's profile and click the Details tab.

Scroll to Source & Responsibility and confirm the candidate's source is LinkedIn (Ad Posting).

An example candidate is shown in Greenhouse Recruiting with the source as LinkedIn (ad posting)

If the candidate's profile shows a different source, reach out to LinkedIn Support for assistance.