Applicant Source Tracking for LinkedIn Job Wrapping


Job Wrapping is a service LinkedIn provides to automatically post jobs from Greenhouse Recruiting into job slots managed through LinkedIn Recruiter.

Note: If you have 50 job slots or more, Job Wrapping can be used for free. If you have less than 50 job slots, you can use Job Wrapping for a cost. To learn more about LinkedIn's Job Wrapping feature, click here

See the sections below for more information:

In this article, we will discuss how to generate a tracking link in Greenhouse Recruiting, identify the Applicant Source Tracking Code within that tracking link, and contact LinkedIn to enable Applicant Source Tracking for Job Wrapping. 

Note: Applicant Source Tracking is not enabled automatically through LinkedIn when you set up Job Wrapping. Applicant Source Tracking will be enabled only if your organization follows the steps outlined in this article.

Create a tracking link

To begin, click the Configure icon Configure.png and navigate to Job Board in the left-hand panel. 


From the Configure Job Boards page, click the Ellipsis icon Ellipsis_2.png inline with the name of the job board that contains the job posts you wish to send to LinkedIn. Select Tracking Link from the dropdown menu. 


In the Get a Tracking Link dialog box, leave the Who gets credit dropdown blank, and select LinkedIn (Ad Posting) in the Select a source... dropdown. 

Note: Multiple options for LinkedIn are available in the sources list. Be sure to select the Ad Posting source. 


When finished, click Create Link


Click Copy to save the tracking link to your clipboard. 


Identify the Applicant Source Tracking Code

Open a new browser tab, paste the copied link, and tap your return key. The tracking link will expand to a longer URL and direct you to your organization's job board.

In your address bar, use your cursor to select and copy from gh_src= through the end of the URL. In the example image below, the user will copy and save gh_src=8f1812f42us


This alphanumeric string is the Applicant Source Tracking Code, which LinkedIn and Greenhouse Recruiting use to assign sourcing details to candidates who apply through your Job Wrapping posts. Save this information to provide to LinkedIn in the next step.

Contact LinkedIn to enable Applicant Source Tracking for Job Wrapping

Once you have obtained your Applicant Source Tracking Code, click here to complete a request with LinkedIn, following the template below. A LinkedIn representative will confirm when the Applicant Source Tracking Code has been appended to your job URLs.


Note: Be sure to include the Applicant Source Tracking Code obtained in the previous step in the Your Question text box. 

Once LinkedIn has confirmed the Job Wrapping configuration is complete, we recommend you navigate to one of your wrapped jobs on LinkedIn and submit a test application (be sure to use a different email address than the one you use to access Greenhouse Recruiting). Once the test candidate appears in Greenhouse Recruiting, navigate to the candidate's profile > Details tab > Source & Responsibility panel to confirm the candidate's source is LinkedIn (Ad Posting)


If the candidate's profile shows a different source, contact LinkedIn Support to troubleshoot.