Spark Hire is an easy-to-use video interviewing platform that makes the hiring process more accurate, collaborative, and enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Greenhouse Recruiting’s integration with Spark Hire allows your organization to add a Spark Hire video interviewing stage to a job's Interview Plan.

Retrieve Spark Hire API key

Note: Any user in your organization who wishes to use the integration must retrieve their own API key and enable the integration in their own Greenhouse Recruiting user account. 

Navigate to your organization's Spark Hire account and click your Name > Settings in the upper right-hand corner.


Click Integrations under the User section.


Navigate down the Integrations page to the Greenhouse banner. Click Activate Integration.


Your organization's API key for Greenhouse Recruiting is available on the subsequent page. Click Copy. You will need to input this value into Greenhouse Recruiting.



Enable Greenhouse Recruiting / Spark Hire Integration

Note: Any Greenhouse Recruiting user in your organization who wishes to use the integration must enable the integration in their respective Greenhouse Recruiting user account.

With the Spark Hire API key copied, navigate to your Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard and click Integrations in the navigation bar.


Use the provided search bar to find Spark Hire and select it from the subsequent results.


From the Spark Hire integration page, click Connect on the right-hand side.


Enter the copied API Key from Spark Hire in the provided field and click Save when finished.


The Greenhouse Recruiting / Spark Hire integration is now enabled for your user account.

Add Spark Hire Video Interview Stage to an Interview Plan

After the Greenhouse Recruiting / Spark Hire integration is enabled for your organization, you will be able to add the Spark Hire video interview as a stage to an interview plan.

To do this for an existing job, navigate to Jobs > Job Name > Job Setup.


From the Job Setup page, navigate to Interview Plan > Add stage


From the Add Stage dialog box, select the Spark Hire Video Interview stage. When finished, click Add to apply the stage to the job's interview plan.


Configure Spark Hire Video Interview

Once the stage has been added to the job's interview plan, click Edit inline with the Spark Hire Interview Kit.


From the subsequent page, navigate to the Spark Hire Test to Send Candidate panel and use the provided dropdown menus to select:

  • Test Name
  • Type
  • Interview Questions Set
  • Expiration Date

Navigate to the Graders and Notifications panel and select at least one Greenhouse Recruiting user to grade the interview.

Click Save when finished.

Note: All configuration of the assessment itself, as well as the email template, will need to be performed in Spark Hire.

Send and review Spark Hire Video Interview

When candidates are moved into the Spark Hire interview stage, Greenhouse Recruiting will display a Send Test link.

Note: When you send a test from Greenhouse, the interview instructions are actually sent by Spark Hire.


Use the subsequent dialog box to confirm/edit the details of the video interview configuration. Click Send Test when finished.


The status of the assessment will be viewable in Greenhouse Recruiting: 


After the candidate submits the assessment, the graders will be notified by email, and the candidate's profile will indicate the status of the assessment has been updated. 

Note: The status can take up to an hour to update in Greenhouse Recruiting after the candidate submits the completed assessment in Spark Hire. 


Screenshot-of-view-on-button.pngThe scorecard, which contains a link to the video interview, can be accessed from a link in the email sent to test graders, or directly from the candidate's profile in Greenhouse Recruiting by clicking on the interview. 

From the scorecard, click the View On link to view the submitted assessment in Spark Hire. Click Fill out your scorecard to submit a scorecard in Greenhouse Recruiting.