I use Greenhouse Onboarding (formerly Parklet). How do I enable the NEW integration?

The new integration allows you to automatically take newly-hired candidates and push them straight over to Greenhouse Onboarding, now with even less setup than before!

To link your Greenhouse account, simply contact your account manager so they can get things set up!


In Greenhouse Onboarding

As an Admin of Greenhouse Onboarding, you'll receive a Pending Hire notification whenever an offer is marked as Accepted in Greenhouse. 

When you select the employee's name, you will be taken into the Onboarding flow, and all the information pulled from Greenhouse will be pre-populated into the form. 


Select Continue and complete the Onboarding process as normal!


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    Beth Sallomi
    hello - 2 questions: 1) are you going to change the branding of legacy Parklet clients to reflect the new Greenhouse onboarding branding? 2) is there a way to add a feature to the Accept button to have the option to choose NEW employee vs EXISTING employee? for example, someone moves from one position to another internally, we still follow the same process within Greenhouse making them a candidate, creating the offer, etc, but they are already set up in Parklet - we don't need a new profile created for them, just need to create tasks off of the existing profile... thanks