How do I add a user to a job while scheduling an interview?

Have you ever filled out your interview invites, then realized at the last minute that you forgot to add one of your users to the job? Rather than leave the page or open a new tab to fix your mistake, you can now add them during the scheduling process!

When scheduling any interview, just insert the email address of the Basic User you want to make into an interviewer. When you click to schedule or download the event invite, you will be prompted with a dialog box that allows you to add them with one easy click!

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    Aaron Post

    I assume this is not a function when using Office 365 Integration? As I did not get prompted when trying to add an interviewer who had not been entered into the system yet. I was able to schedule, but got an email notification instead.

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    Jodi Freeman

    Hi Aaron,

    This feature should work anytime you are scheduling in Greenhouse and adding individuals to the Interviewer field that do not have the appropriate permissions on the job.

    I will create a ticket here and reach out separately so we can troubleshoot why you are not currently seeing this prompt appear.


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    Diane Zablotsky

    Just discovered this cool feature, but we are not yet seeing it when we are using Greenhouse. Instead, we get the email notification that the user is not authorized. Is there something we can do to adjust our usage? Adding an interviewer on the fly is a terrific feature!

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    Max Zimmermann

    Hi Diane,

    You will want to make sure that the email address you are entering is listed in that users Greenhouse user profile. If your user has an alternate email that they use at work, one that they forward email to for instance, this will return an unauthorized user error if it is not listed in their user profile. I will follow up with you directly to further troubleshoot this issue.



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    Diane Zablotsky

    Hi Max!

    The issue was that we were using user names rather than email addresses and therefore not being prompted to add the interviewer. Because user names work for those on the hiring team and within Google calendars, we missed that very important detail. Thanks for your help and your follow up!