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Salvaging Your Jobscore Data

Once your open jobs are set up and your careers page has gone live, you can import your data from Jobscore to Greenhouse.

Jobscore doesn’t have a standard format for exporting candidate or job data, so you need to request a custom set of files. Historically, they do charge a small fee for this (around $50), their export may be low-fidelity, and some of your data is likely to dis- appear (e.g., any non-resume attachments). The guidelines below were designed to help you recover as much of your data as possible.

Step 1: File Request

After launching your Greenhouse-powered careers page, you’ll need to specifically request the following files from your Jobscore rep:

• CSV file containing all of your candidates
• CSV file containing all of the notes for your candidates
• CSV “control” file that maps candiate emails and names to their associated resumes • TAR.GZ file containing all of the candidate resumes

Step 2: File Formats

Jobscore doesn’t have a “standard” format for their data exports, so we’ve provided detailed formatting instructions below. Please request the files exactly as described in order to ensure a smooth migration to Greenhouse. NOTE: You must maintain the exact order of all CSV fields to ensure your data properly imported to Greenhouse.

In our experience with Jobscore data, we’ve noticed that for this CSV, the resume file names may not be unique. That makes it very difficult to determine which “resume.doc” belongs to which candidate. Therefore, in your request to Jobscore, it is extremely important that you require unique filenames for all resume files, and that those unique filenames are properly referenced in the control file.


This file is a .zip of all the resumes associated with Jobscore candidates. As with the control.csv file, it is ex- tremely important to communicate to Jobscore that these resumes must have unique filenames that can be referenced from the control.csv file.