Send recruiting updates to coworkers or managers

You can easily share recruiting updates with your colleagues with the candidate pipeline email.

To configure this email, click Reports on your navigation bar, then click Essential Reports on the left.

Scroll to the Manage Expectations with Hiring Managers section and click Candidate Pipeline Email.

Screenshot of candidate pipeline email button

Use the filters on the left to choose which jobs to include in the update.

Screenshot of candidate pipeline report emails

Select the specific jobs to be included in the message by checking the box beside the job name.

Up to 50 jobs can be included in a single email. 

Screenshot of candidate pipeline email candidate page

When finished, click Next.

Select the stages on which you want to report and click Next.

Screenshot of stage selection for candidate pipeline email

A preview of the email will display in a pop-up window. Complete the To and CC fields to configure the recipients of the email. If you need to update the email text or add any notes, you can type in the Body field.

Screenshot of candidate pipeline report to field

When finished, click Send Report.

You can read more about the candidate pipeline email here: Candidate pipeline email report.