What do the new Approvals look like?

We've refreshed and reworked approvals to make things prettier, more customizable, and a lot easier to use! Even the approvals email got a flashy makeover, so read on to learn about all the changes!

Things may look a little different, but all the same pieces are here! Approval to start recruiting and Official job approval have been combined into one step by default, but you can separate them by clicking the button marked Switch to 2-stage approvals. If you're unclear about what each approval means, check out this article! 


In addition to adding a series of approver one at a time, you can now create Approval Groups and only require a set number of people in each one to sign off! When you click Add Group, you'll see a new window that allows you to add users and determine how many need to accept for the offer to continue. Remember, only Site Admins with advanced permissions can be listed as approvers.

When you head back to your approvals, you can view all of the individuals and groups in the approval flow. Just like before, you can choose whether to request approval In Order or All at Once, although people in the same group will always be notified at the same time. 

Let's say an approval requires 2 of 3 people in a particular group. If the first two reject, the third person will still be able to lodge their vote - even though there's no way it could be accepted overall. Likewise, it will still go through if two people accept, but one rejects.

NOTE: A user can't be included more than once in a single approval flow. The screenshot below is NOT possible.

Offer Approvals can be set up in the same way, but with one small addition. You can now create special Offer Exception Fields for salary, stock options, or any other numeric field. If an offer is outside of this range, an additional approver (like the CFO) will be notified. You can read all about them here!


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