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How do I filter candidates by location?

Have you ever found a seemingly perfect candidate only to discover that they're located thousands of miles away from the job you were hoping to place them in? With our new Location filter, you can target prospects and candidates within your ideal geographic region to ensure you won't have to spend extra effort persuading candidates to uproot their lives and come to you.

You can toggle on the new location question for each job on the Job Setup > Job Post > Edit page, or you can change all your jobs at once via bulk actions. When you scroll down to the questions about a candidate's name, email, cover letter, and resume, you'll see a new option listed. 

You can make this question required, optional, or hidden if you're not interested in collecting this type of information. After you make your change and save the page, your application form will add an auto-completing dropdown of cities that candidates can use when applying. Please note: Google will only accepts cities at the moment, so boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens) and neighborhoods (SOMA, Mission District) won't show up.

Candidate responses will be recorded on their Details tab and can be edited by Job or Site Admins. For any candidates already in your pipeline, their recruiters can go back and add in this information retroactively.

Now that you've recorded your candidates' locations, you'll want to search for people nearby! On the left side of the Candidates tab, scroll down near the bottom of the list of filters. You'll have the option to search for any location and change the distance filter to Within 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 miles of a given city.