Greenhouse-Workday Integration Overview

Greenhouse has a robust integration with Workday to support a wide variety of use cases for different types of customers. This post lays out the basics of how it works and answers common questions, but click here for the rest of our Workday documentation! When you're ready to get things set up, contact your account manager so they can get the ball rolling!




Use case #1: Importing positions from Workday to aid in creating new jobs in Greenhouse

For companies that manage positions in Workday, this data can be pulled into Greenhouse and used to create new hiring plans. By exposing the Workday Available for Hire report, Greenhouse can import the appropriate jobs (with their metadata and custom fields). Greenhouse users creating new jobs will choose from this list and pre-fill all appropriate fields with Workday data.

Use case #2: Pushing hired candidates and new jobs from Greenhouse to Workday

When a candidate is hired, Greenhouse will export all relevant data about them. This includes candidate details, job details, and offer details, as well as any custom fields configured in Greenhouse. You will then load this exported data into Workday to create the applicant stub, employee record, and information about the position itself, assuming it was created in Greenhouse.

Use case #3: Keeping custom fields in sync between the two

For fields with many values that may be changing frequently (i.e. Supervisory Org), Greenhouse can automatically sync the values of this field using a feed from Workday. This way, all values of the field will be kept consistent between the two systems automatically.



Before you get started, reach out to your account manager to enable the Workday Tools in Greenhouse. Your account manager will designate your Greenhouse account as “Workday Enabled” and give you permission of the tools. Site Admins with advanced permissions will also be able to give this permission to other Users by editing user permissions to include the “Can configure Workday integrations’ ability.

From there, users can visit the Configure > Dev Center > Workday Administration page to enter credentials, sync custom fields, and provide a Workday report of jobs. Users with the permission to manage and configure web hooks can also do so via the Workday Administration page.



Do these integrations include custom fields?

YES. In each of these methods, the customer can configure Custom Fields in Greenhouse that will be handled by the integration. Greenhouse uses the custom field’s name to compare with the Workday option name for maximum flexibility.

What does the export of candidate data actually look like?

Here is a sample export of Hired Candidate data. This includes all data relating to the candidate being hired, the offer the candidate accepted, and the job for which the candidate was hired.

Is this secure?

Yes. Workday reports that are exposed to Greenhouse are credentialed by the customer, then Greenhouse stores these credentials in an encrypted database. Exported data is digitally signed by Greenhouse using a secret key provided by the customer which is never transmitted. The customer simply uses the same secret key to generate the signature on their end to ensure the data was sent by Greenhouse.

Is this scalable?

Yes. Greenhouse can support syncing any number of custom fields. Candidate exports happen automatically and in close to real time.

Is this fast?

Yes. Greenhouse syncs the custom fields in off-hours, not each time the fields are requested, but job lists are fetched and filtered by requisition id in real time. The candidate export happens in close to real time.

How much work is it?

For reports ingested by Greenhouse, the customer’s Workday administrator must expose SimpleXML and provide credentials to these reports. You can take a look at the report format here.

For integration purposes, the customer must write software to translate the JSON data exported by Greenhouse into Workday service calls. Typically, this data transformation piece only needs to be written once, should work perpetually, and should take a developer familiar with Workday service calls a short amount of time.

What happens if we want to make changes later?

No problem. The integration is in your hands, so little coordination is necessary if you decide to make changes later.

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  • Avatar
    John Kraft
    Under Testing Environment, a sandbox version of Greenhouse is referenced. Is this accurate? How do I access it?
  • Avatar
    Lucia Hoang

    Hi John,

    Thanks for reaching out! In order to obtain a Sandbox account, you'll have to reach out to your account manager. There are specific terms and guidelines that must be discussed during the creation of a Sandbox account. Your account manager will walk you through that whole process!

    I have notified your account manager about your interest in getting a Sandbox account. Please let me know if you have anymore questions or concerns! I'm happy to help.

    Kind regards,

    Lucia Hoang

  • Avatar
    John Kraft
    Thanks Lucia for the quick response! One more question: The Workday "Ready for Hire" report link referenced in the article appears to be dead.
  • Avatar
    Lucia Hoang
    Hi John! Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention! The link has been fixed! You should be able to access it now! :)