A Candidate Survey is a set of feedback questions that a candidate can submit anonymously about a completed interview process. In aggregate, candidate surveys can help your organization assess your recruiting efforts and ensure all your candidates leave with a positive impression of your business. Additionally, by collecting consistent data and actual quotes from candidates, it's possible to point to real evidence that shows how resistance to participation in the hiring process is holding the organization back from being awesome at hiring.

In this article, we will discuss how to:

Generate a Candidate Surveys report

To generate a Candidate Surveys report, click the ellipsis ellipsis.png on your navigation bar and select Reports from the dropdown menu. 


From the Reports page, navigate to the Share Progress with Executives section and click Candidate Surveys


On the Candidate Surveys report, the total number and percentage of surveys completed represents the total number of candidate surveys completed for offices/departments selected for all time (e.g., changing your date range will not change this total). This total is irrespective of the date range filter because Greenhouse does not collect "date sent" data for candidate surveys in order to maintain anonymous survey responses. 


Note: Percentages in any column are rounded up/down to the nearest percentage. Due to this rounding an individual row may potentially exceed 100%.

Candidate comments/notes on the survey are not viewable from this page. In order to view candidate comments/notes on the survey, click the Export to Excel icon.


A spreadsheet of the report will be downloaded with the accompanying comments/notes.



Use report filters

The Candidate Surveys report can be filtered by Department, Office, and/or a specific date range for when a candidate survey was submitted. By default, the Submitted Between field for the report is set to Current Year.

Note: While using the date range filter will not change the total number and percentage of surveys completed, the results in the report will reflect the data of candidate surveys submitted within your selected date range.


Apply any desired filters using the filter panel and click Apply to repopulate the report.