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How do I explain a job to my colleagues?

Have you ever had a colleague email you minutes before an interview to ask, "What job is this candidate interviewing for again?" Instead of planning a last-minute crash course to run them through the basics of the position, you can now include all the information right in Greenhouse!

When setting up a new job, you'll now see a few extra options on the right side of the Job Name & Info page. Clicking will expand two text boxes, one to explain the job to your team and one to tell your team how to sell the position to candidates. We've included some sample questions in the ? buttons to get you started, but you can type anything you want here!

If you want to make changes to this content after the job has been created, you can go to Job Setup -> Job Info and edit the boxes at the bottom of the page. You can also use this page to fill out information for all of your existing jobs.

Additionally, anything written in these boxes will show up on the Job Details page for every Interview Kit on this job. Your interviewers will never be at a loss for words again!

Note: These fields can't be edited in bulk, but when you create a new job based on a existing one, the fields will automatically be copied over.