Deactivate an Agency

While you cannot delete an agency from Greenhouse, you can deactivate an agency and keep it from appearing in your active agency list. Before you can deactivate an agency you must first disable recruiters associated with that agency.

Disable Agency Recruiters

From your Dashboard, click on the Sourcing tab, and navigate to Agencies. Click on a recruiter's name (not the Edit.png symbol) to access the page where you can manage the recruiter's access. This will open a page where you can manage the recruiter's access.

Click Disable Recruiter and confirm deactivation by clicking the Disable Recruiter button when prompted


Repeat this process for every recruiter within the agency you wish to deactivate.

Deactivate Agency

Once you've deactivated all recruiters associated with the agency, you can proceed with deactivating the agency.  From the Agencies page (Dashboard>Sourcing>Agencies), hover your cursor over the name of the agency you would like to deactivate.

Click Make inactive, which should appear next to the edit pencil

If you need to reactivate a deactivated agency, please visit: Reactivate a Deactivated Agency


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  • Avatar
    Katarzyna W?Growska

    Hi, what if I wanted to disable recruiter only on specific jobs? I have such case.

  • Avatar
    Mary Kathleen Morelli

    Hello Katarzyna,

    Thank you for reaching out! To remove an agency recruiter from a particular job, you can follow these instructions:

    Click the Sourcing tab
    Click Agencies
    Click on the name of the agency recruiter you'd like to manage
    Click the Add/Remove Jobs button
    Select or deselect jobs as desired, and then click Save

    I hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions you may have.

  • Avatar
    Mike Reta


    I would like to delete an agency and give them a standard profile. Disabling doesn't allow me to do this because the recruiter from the agency is already registered under their agency email.

    I'd like to allow our agency recruiter to view candidate profiles that are submitted through our careers page but I don't see a way to do that without giving them a standard profile.

    Any ideas?

    Edited by Mike Reta
  • Avatar
    Karen Situ

    Hi Mike.

    Thanks for writing in! I see that you wrote into our support queue as well so I'm happy to assist further via email.

    Thanks for your patience!

    All the best,

  • Avatar
    Mia Li

    Hi - I would really like to delete my inactive agencies and recruiters. I had made a mistake and would rather these sources be removed for a clean start while I'm setting things up!

  • Avatar
    Katie Roughan

    I would like to delete/disable inactive agencies in Greenhouse. I'm only able to edit agency associate for a particular job.

  • Avatar
    Kellie Smith

    Hi Katie,

    Thanks so much for reaching out!

    You are not able to delete inactive agencies but you can certainly make them inactive.

    Take the following steps to disable an agency:
    -Go to the Sourcing tab
    -Select Agencies
    -Click into each individual recruiter for that Agency and disable them
    -After each recruiter has been disabled, you can then make the Agency inactive by hovering your mouse over the Agency name and choosing "Make Inactive"

    Hope this helps!