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Schedule to a Conference Room or Shared Recruiting Calendar

There are many reasons you might want to schedule to a calendar other than your own. Maybe you want anyone on your team to be able to reschedule or delete interviews. Perhaps you're sick of doing phone interviews on the staircase because there are no conference rooms available. Whatever the reason, here's how you can set it up in Google!

To start, click the little arrow next to My calendars to create a new shared calendar.

On the next page, name your calendar and invite all the people who will be using it. When selecting the sharing options, make sure to set the dropdown to Make changes to events or Make changes AND manage sharing so everyone can write to the new calendar. Depending on your company's Google settings, there may also be a setting to easily invite all your coworkers at once.

Once the calendar is successfully linked, head to Greenhouse and start scheduling a candidate. At the top of the page, you'll see a pencil next to your calendar name. Clicking it will let you schedule this interview on a different calendar than normal! After you choose the Recruiting or Conference room calendar, all of your subsequent interviews will default to this one until you change it again.


If you already have a calendar you want to use and just need to share it with your coworkers, have an admin on that calendar click the arrow next to its name and select Calendar Settings>Share This Calendar.  

Please Note: If you want to receive notifications when people accept or decline your invites, make sure to go back to the calendar's settings and check the box to receive those emails.

What about Outlook users?

Shared Outlook calendars work the same way! Just create a new calendar, share it with your team, then make sure it's selected when sending out the notifications. Things won't look different within Greenhouse, but you'll still be able to access the shared calendar or easily book rooms!

Please Note: In order to schedule to a conference room or shared calendar using the Outlook 365 integration, users will need to perform the Basic and Advanced integration setup


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