Can I convert rejected candidates to prospects in bulk?

Yes! The sad fact of the matter is that you'll sometimes have to say no to excellent candidates for one reason or another. Maybe you don't have a job for them right now, maybe they feel locked in at their current position for a few more months, or maybe they need to take some time off to travel the globe. Whatever the reason, you can now easily convert those rejected candidates to prospects all at once to ensure you don't lose track of them later!

To start, head to the Candidates tab and filter by Candidates Only. You'll also want to change the Status filter to only show only show Rejected. Until these two filters are selected, the feature won't be enabled. Once you've figured out which candidates you want to convert, click Bulk Actions, choose your candidates, and press Edit Selected.

In the resulting modal, you'll see a new button that lets you Convert Rejected Candidates To Prospects. From there, choose the jobs, offices, or departments you want to add these prospects to, then click save! They'll be converted in the background and can be considered for your future opportunities!

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    Elvira Schuurman

    Can you confirm whether this is a Site Admin function only or not? Thanks!

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    Lucia Hoang

    Hi, Elvira!

    This specific bulk action is only available only to Site Admins!