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What are Offer Exceptions? How do I set them up?

You can now add custom fields to any job for salary, stock options, or any other numeric field that will automatically trigger additional approvals if they are outside a set range. Let's say you can hire as many sales executives as you want, but their salary can only be between $50,000-$60,000. If you want to offer a salary of $65,000 to one candidate, Greenhouse will trigger additional approvers - maybe the CFO and CEO.

To set up Offer Exceptions, first go to Configure>Custom Options>Jobs and Add Field. Under type, you'll see two new options, Currency Range and Number Range, so choose the one that's most relevant to your organization. You should also check the boxes marked Required and Changes to this field require reapproval so the values can't be changed to avoid extra approvals. 

When you create a new job (or go to Job Setup>Approvals for already-created jobs), you can enter the range that will be checked when an offer is created. If you leave the left box blank, the minimum value will be 0, and if you leave the right blank, there will be no maximum.

NOTE: Please check with your finance department before offering a salary of Infinity dollars.

From there, you can set up the new offer field on the Configure>Custom Options>Offers page. Just like with your Job field, click Add Field, then select Track this Field for exceptions to tie the offer field to the job field. Click the Required box again, then save!

The final step is setting up the Exceptions on the newly redesigned approvals page! When you create a new Approval Step, you'll see a checkbox that says Required ONLY if offer fields are out of range. Checking it will ensure this step will only be activated when fields are outside of the prescribed range.


When creating an offer, any fields outside the approved range will be highlighted in yellow so both the creator and approvers are aware of the range violation. The top of the Approval email will also say NOTE: THIS OFFER IS OUTSIDE THE JOB'S APPROVED RANGES.