How do I enable the LinkedIn Recruiter "Cross System Awareness" integration for my org?

To enable the Cross System Awareness integration with LinkedIn Recruiter, you'll need to locate your org's Contract ID within LinkedIn, and then send it to us at  We'll take care of configuring the integration for you from there.  Here are the steps to locate the Contract ID within LinkedIn Recruiter (see attachment below as well):
  • Log into LinkedIn Recruiter
  • From the More menu, select Admin Settings
  • Toward the top in the middle of the page, you should see your Contract ID listed.  Just copy that into an email and send that to use at 

Important Note: To enable the integration, your contract with LinkedIn must allow you access to the full Recruiter profile.  You will not be able to integrate if you have a "Recruiter Lite" contract type.

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    Michael Doran

    I think it is a poor decision of Linkedin to not allow this access for Recruiter Lite customers as well.

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