Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The interviewer calibration report shows how each of your interviewers rated candidates across all their scorecards.

This report can be used to determine which interviewers grade higher or lower than average so that your organization can calibrate your assessments. Use this report to ensure a consistent candidate experience for all candidates passing through your hiring pipeline.

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Interviewer calibration report

To generate an interviewer calibration report, navigate to Ellipsis Reports > Essential Reports > Evaluate your team's performances > Interviewer Calibration.


The report will generate and display the following information for all users shown on the report:

  • Total scorecards completed
  • Adherence — or how often each interviewer fills out the highlighted focus attributes on their scorecards
  • Ratings
  • No decisions


Note: The interviewer calibration report will generate and include data for all jobs where you have the appropriate permissions.

Interviewer calibration report filters

Select Filters and more to adjust the filters on your report.

The interviewer calibration report can be filtered by specific jobs, specific interviews, and / or scorecard date range.


Click Apply to regenerate the report after applying your filters.

Note: By default, the scorecard date filter on the report is set to current year.