Candidate quality by recruiter report


The Candidate Quality by Recruiter report assigns each recruiter a Quality %, which is computed by looking at the average distance a candidates travel through your organization's interview pipelines. This percentage can be used to understand which recruiters are most successful in moving candidates through your pipeline and turning into new hires.

Use Case: If every candidate was hired, the Quality % would be 100%. If every candidate was rejected in the first stage, the Quality % would be 0%. For example, one of your recruiters is only responsible for one candidate, an iOS developer named Jane. She has a pretty strong background, so she makes it through 5 of your 7 stages. Since she's the only person assigned to that recruiter, your Quality % for that row would be 5/7, or roughly 71%.

To navigate to the Candidate Quality by Recruiter report, click the ellipsis ellipsis.png on your navigation bar and select Reports from the dropdown menu.  


From the Reports page, navigate to the Learn from Past Recruiting Efforts section and click Recruiter inline with Candidate Quality by.


The Candidate Quality by Recruiter report will display recruiters on jobs where you have appropriate access. 



Report Filters

The Candidates Quality by Recruiter report can be filtered by Stage or Milestone, Jobs, and Date Applied.

Note: By default, the Date Applied field for the report is set to Current Year.


Note: The Recruiter metric in this report shows the person who is set as a recruiter on each particular candidate, not necessarily the person set as a recruiter on the job as a whole.