What do the Glassdoor/Indeed tracking codes do? How do I enable them?

Do you have a premium account with any of our free job board partners? If so, you can track how many applicants are coming to your jobs page by using tracking codes, nearly-invisible images that let you know how many applicants viewed each page.

To enable tracking, contact your account manager at any of these sites and get your custom tracking code. From there, select Configure->Job Board and select [Edit] next to External Job Board to paste in the custom codes!

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    Joseph Schindel

    Is it possible to set up other sources to fire these application events? We are running paid ads on one of the partners and want to be able to track application completes through a different gh_src.

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    Hi Joseph,

    There isn't a way to set this up for other sites directly through Greenhouse, but you could try adding tracking pixels directly on your external job board.instead. If you give it a shot and it works for you, let us know so we can update this post!


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    Audrey MacIsaac

    Hi, If you don't have a premium account with the job boards, then is it not possible to automatically post to them via GreenHouse? Thanks!

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    Karen Situ

    Hi Audrey,

    Thanks for writing in! You can still post to these specific job boards by going to a specific job's dashboard > job setup > job post > edit. If you scroll down to the bottom, there should be a Free Job Board section where you can index the jobs. However, please keep in mind that this will be a one time free indexing so it should live on the job board for a limited amount of time once.

    Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Álvaro Asensio Cuesta


    I have the Indeed's tracking code and I have pasted it in greenhouse. Does this mean that the application we received from Indeed via greenhouse will have a source Indeed?



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    Ryan Artha

    Hi Alvaro!

    Great question! The tracking code serves more as a tracking pixel on your jobs in indeed that lets you track view counts on each job within Indeed. This is not correlated to the source of the where the applications are coming from. That is separately determined by whether you have enabled indeed postings on on your job posts or have paid posts via indeed.

    Please feel free to reach out to us via support@greenhouse.io if you have any follow up questions!


    Ryan Artha
    Greenhouse Support

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    Denise Newall


    You may have already answered this but I'm wondering if you can track applicants coming through Glassdoor and Indeed if you don't have premium accounts.

    So if you tick the box that enables one-time free postings to the job boards, is there a way to see which candidates are applying through those job boards?



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