Note: Glassdoor and Indeed have recently partnered and streamlined the way jobs are posted. As of May 31, 2021, all jobs posted to Indeed will appear on both Glassdoor and Indeed. However, the companies have removed the ability to post directly to Glassdoor. Contact Indeed's customer support for any questions regarding this change.

If you have a premium account with any of our free job board partners, you can track how many applicants are coming to your jobs page by using tracking codes.

Click here for more information on creating job post tracking links for a specific post.

Enter a tracking code for a free job board

Contact your account manager at the job board vendor to get a custom tracking code.

In Greenhouse Recruiting, select the Configure Configured_Icon.png icon and choose Job Boards & Posts from the left panel.


Select the ellipses next to your job board and choose Edit Board Settings


Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your tracking code into the available field. These fields will be different based on your available vendors.


Click Save. 

Note: These instructions only apply to job board integrations options 1-4. Anyone using option 5 will need to configure tracking pixels on your job board manually.